Comments from Happy Campers & Parents

Comments from Campers

Fishing Camp, Joe's Big Pike, 2015, #2

The best summer camp I’ve been to in my life.  The fishing in Canada is extreme!  The staff are amazing, helpful, funny, comical and awesome people.  Can’t wait to go next year!  Joe Lucarelli – Deep River, CT

I had an absolutely amazing time. I don’t think fishing has ever been so good in my life. The food and hospitality couldn’t be better. The fishing expertise from everyone to put us on the fish was fantastic. There is nothing else I could have asked for on this adventure. It was simply a blast. I really want to thank everyone from TASC who put this together so that us campers could go on one of the most amazing trips of our lives.        Jake Krongard – Montclair, NJ

Best 2 weeks of my LIFE !!!!!!!!!  Cesar Lopez – Scarborough, Ontario

If you are looking for a camp experience that is all about fishing, then this is the camp for you.  Ross Morris – Sarasota, FL

The TASC Fishing Camp was an amazing experience.  I learned so much from the 2 weeks that I went.  The staff are amazing and friendly.  I made a lot of new friends who I still keep  in touch with. The trip really was a fantastic experience and I would go back in a heartbeat.  Jacob Ernst – Belwood, Ontario

I had a great time!  Camp was great.  Seeing the bear was awesome.  I made great friends, we all had so much fun.  Hope to see you all soon.  I can’t wait to see my mounted pike!   Nacho Ignacio – Venezuela

It was awesome! I had a blast and caught tons of fish.  All the fish were new species to me. The fish tasted amazing, especially the walleye. The pike were fun to catch. One of my favorite catches was the bass I caught.  I will always remember my first year at camp and how much fun I had.  I look forward to coming back this year.  The staff were kind, patient and fun.  Adam Maisano – Gambrills, MD

Had a real good time.  Looking forward to next summer!   Jeffrey Lefkowitz – Chappaqua, NY

The most awesome camp I have ever been, THX FOR ALL!  Aurelien Fleury –  France

Fishing was GREAT! Cooking was the best! Cabins were nice and had a great view. All of the staff were very nice and helped with whatever they could. This camp was the best camp I have ever been to. I look forward to coming again!  Zachary Kephart – Flower Mound, TX

Camp was really good, nice people, good food, lots of fishing.  Jordan Little – Oshawa, Ontario 

Had a blast!! The time of my life!!! Can’t wait to go next year. Favorite things were breakfast “fish fry”, catching LOTS of big fish, comfortable quarters, really GREAT “all you can eat” food, fishing with the counselors … and all the boys who attended!  Ryan O’Donnell – Vienna, VA

Long ride to get there but so worth it! Best camp I have ever been to.  Connor Hamill –  Ellicott City, MD

The camp was really great.  I had a lot of fun.  Everybody was nice and the camp place is beautiful, the lake, the woods, the weather!  Many thanks for welcoming me and for this perfect camp.  On top of it, I improved my English speaking.  I’ll keep pictures of the amazing views in my memory.  Sebastien Geoffray – France

This was my first time at the TASC fishing camp and I can’t wait to go again. I had the best time. The counselors were great. I even saw black bears for the first time.  Jeremy Zabarsky – Gaithersburg, MD

It was fun and it was fun catching fish.  I learned some new fishing techniques.  I met some really nice kids.  Paul Randall – Montclair, NJ

I really loved this camp.  There are many fish in Mattagami Lake .  Jeremy Marin – France

Comments from Parents

Jake had a fantastic time, yet again. He looks forward to this all year long and has already asked me to sign him up for next year. I keep hearing how wonderful all the staff and campers are – not to mention the quality of the fishing. He also loves Joanie’s cooking. Thanks, Paul – as always – you do a fantastic job and we are very grateful to you for continuing to give Jake some of the greatest experiences of his life.  Ken Krongard – Montclair, NJ

Camp was everything Grant hoped it would be – non-stop fishing, cooking fish, eating fish, talking about fish with other boys who love to fish.   He can’t wait to go back.   Linda Perkins – Southborough, MA

My son had never been away from home for 2 weeks and we were a little concerned. Once we met the staff at the pickup we walked away knowing he was in excellent hands. My son had the best time and did not want to come home. He can’t wait to go again next summer. The staff could not have been any more accommodating, helpful and nice. It was an experience my son will remember forever. It was great eating the fish he brought home.  Liz Sander – Gaithersburg, MD 

Thanks for an awesome experience for our son Connor! Connor had a blast! I knew he had a great time when he indicated that he wanted to return next year. He excitedly told me all about the camp. Well done.  Ariane Cerlenko – Ellicott City, MD

I want to thank you and everyone who went on this fishing trip.  Joe told me some great stories and he had an absolutely excellent and wonderful time.  He wants to go again next year.  Thanks again for giving my son the best 2 weeks of his life.  He absolutely loved every moment.  Maria Lucarelli –  Deep River, CT

Brett and I really liked how organized you were and how quickly you replied to all our questions … All the lists you gave us of all the items to bring …. that was really helpful … and how patient you were with us! Thank U.  Abby O’Donnell – Vienna, VA

Adam had the time of his life. Great experience!  Stacey Maisano – Gambrills, MD

My son Lapo took part to the 2nd edition of tasc fishing and he enjoyed a great experience and his greatest passion, pike fishing. Even if while preparing all the documents (visa, authorisation as an unaccompanied minor, etc) we were a little anxious, it was immediately clear that Paul and his organisation are very trustable, professional and that our son would enjoy such an experience. and he really did. Every single detail of the trip is well thought in order to garantee a positive and  funny fishing adventure. Lapo’s english was not so fluent but he had no problems at all to make new friends and they often keep in touch. Even From so far, after all the e-mails i had written to Paul – everytime he would give clear explenations and full details ! – it was clear to my husband and I that lapo would join a family, more than just a camping. and he was so busy fishing that he hardly ever called us. I definitely suggest Tasc Fishing to every young boy because they are worth being trusted. if you need more info, do not hesitate to contact me at or at 3284781000.   Anna Maria Presenti – Italy

Same Comments from Anna Maria Presenti in Italian – mio figlio Lapo, 13 anni ha partecipato alla 2° sessione di Tasc Fishing ed è stata un’esperienza fantastica. Si è divertito tantissimo godendosi la sua passione, la pesca al luccio. Nonostante la preoccupazione iniziale mentre preparavo i documenti, biglietti, ecc, man mano che le cose andavano avanti è stato da subito chiaro che Paul e tutta la sua organizzazione sono seri, professionali e che Lapo si sarebbe trovato benissimo e così è stato. Ogni minimo particolare è pensato con attenzione per garantire un’esperienza positiva, divertente ma anche educativa. Lapo, nonostante il suo inglese non fosse fluentissimo, non ha avuto nessun problema a rapportarsi ai nuovi amici e dopo il primo giorno si è ambientato benissimo e è tutt’ora in contatto con molti. Da lontano, dopo tutte le mail scambiate con paul – rispondeva sempre quanto prima a ogni mio dubbio – io e mio marito avevamo l’impressione che lapo fosse in una famiglia. E’ stato benissimo e …..non ha chiamato quasi mai, perché sempre occupato a pescare. un’esperienza che consiglio a tutti. tasc fishing è sicuramente una organizzazione che merita fiducia. se avete dubbi – come ne avevo io – potete contattarmi via mail o al 328 4781000. Anna Maria Presenti – Italy

Additional Comments from Anna Maria Presenti – I want to thank you for the gorgeous experience my son Lapo could share with you, with the wonderful fishing guides and with the nice fishing mates.  We are on the way back from the airport and Lapo is telling us about the beauty of the place, your great organization and all the great friends he met.  Thanks so much. I am sure Lapo is much richer after this great Canadian fishing adventure.  Anna Maria Presenti – Italy

Zachary talked nonstop about the camp and his fishing!  He has definitely asked to go again next year.  He mentioned how good the cooking was!  He enjoyed all the staff on the camp, LOVED the meals, loved the fishing and everything about the camp.  After Zachary’s comments and looking at the photos, I couldn’t have been happier with the camp!  Thank-you for the loving role models you’ve introduced us to and Zachary experiencing!  He enjoyed everything and everyone.  An awesome camp!  I am very happy.  Sending Zachary next year.  Thank-you again for the hard work put into such a wonderful fishing experience.  Catherine Kephart – Flower Mound, TX

I think the TASC Camp was a great opportunity for my son Nacho to do what he is passionate about – fishing!  When you came back, and I saw his face, he was so, so happy, that meant everything to me!  He enjoyed so much!  Nacho had the opportunity to share his passion with people that have the same as he does, in a very safe and peaceful place.  I am so grateful we got to meet such wonderful people, as you, your wife, and all your staff are, you all made my son feel at home, you all are very warm people with a wonderful heart!  Maria Ulivi – Venezuela

Jordan’s happy / We are happy.  You are a good communicator, always keeping us in the loop.  Marjorie Little – Etobicoke, Ontario

Ross really enjoyed the outdoor camp experience.  His stories about his experiences have kept us entertained for years.  He really learned some valuable lessons and they weren’t all about fishing. We think it was worth every cent we spent to send him for four years.   Pam Morris – Sarasota, FL

We think this is a great camp for kids who love fishing and who love to be outside in nature.  This was Julius’ second time and he will definitely join this camp for as long as possible!  Annet Jansen – Chevy Chase, MD

We only heard good news and were glad that Jeffrey had a fun time while learning more about fishing.  I know he enjoyed the boys on the trip as well as your staff.  Thank-you for showing him a great time and giving him a terrific fishing experience.  Jennifer and Howard Lefkowitz – Chappaqua, NY

My son loves to fish.  He was certainly not disappointed with camp and was able to fish everyday, many times a day and for long periods of time.  He learned to clean and cook fish and “eat” fish.  Overall, it was a great experience for him!  Genny Randall – Montclair, NJ

What could we say after so many exchanges, besides the camp and the trip back and forth, which was perfect, a great time and a great experience as Sebastien told us.  All this is more than providing a good environment to a child during a camp, there is a friendly, human relationship and dedication, and I can tell you that Muriel and I were moved by your kindness, your availability and the simplicity you had in doing all this for us and Seb.  Bertrand and Muriel Geoffray – France