About TASC

TASC for Teens, Inc.

TASC (Travel Adventures, Skiing & Camping) for Teens specializes in providing exciting year-round outdoor recreational activities for kids & teens ages 10-18.  During the winter months, we organize and lead one-day, weekend and vacation ski and snowboard trips to well-known east coast resorts.  Young sportsmen from many parts of the US and many different countries have attended our unique Canadian Wilderness Fishing Camps in Northern Ontario that are held during the summer months.  Our fishing camp is one of the few summer youth camps in North America that specializes in fishing.  In the spring and fall months, we organize and lead adventure trips for groups such as whitewater rafting, canoeing and camping trips.

Outdoor Activities for Students Since 1976

TASC for Teens was founded in 1976 by Paul Oesterreicher.  Many thousands of young people have participated in TASC outdoor activities.  Paul still directs all activities as owner of TASC for Teens, Inc. from his office in rural Jeffersonton, VA.  Paul’s wife Joanie is the administrative assistant in the office and also serves as a staff member on some of the trips.  We enjoy a high percentage of repeat clients and would be pleased to provide a list of references upon request.   Please let us know how we can accommodate the needs of your group.

Ski School

TASC for Teens is a traveling ski school and is proud to be a member school of  P.S.I.A. (Professional Ski Instructors of America).  Our P.S.I.A. staff who are certified ski instructors offer ski pointers and tips at no extra cost.

We Specialize in Groups

We do all we can to accommodate the needs of your school, church, synagogue, scout or other youth group.  Why not save much time and work and have TASC organize and lead your trip?  We give you one FREE leader “Comp” for every 20 full paying skiers on the trip.  Individuals are welcome on our ski and snowboard trips on a space available basis.

TASC Policies

TASC welcomes only well-behaved skiers and snowboarders who respect and follow the directions of the staff and any other authority during the trip.  Videos / DVDs shown on the bus will be at the discretion of TASC for Teens.  Skiers and snowboarders are expected to be respectful of one another.  Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or related items, tobacco usage and gambling are prohibited.  Shoplifting, theft, uncontrolled anger, profane or suggestive language/actions and disrespect for authority and/or TASC rules are unacceptable behaviors.  Trip participants will not engage in any activities that are judged by the staff to be dangerous to themselves or anyone else.

If a trip participant does not follow these policies, TASC reserves the right to dismiss the trip participant from the trip without refund and demand that the parents or legal guardian immediately provide for his or her transportation home.  Prior to leaving the trip, any property damage must be paid for in full by the parent or legal guardian of the student who caused the damage.

For more info

Email  tascskiandsnowboardtrips@gmail.com

or Call  540-937-8272